In short:  VoIP uses the Internet to make cheap reliable telephoneVoIP Solutions connecting people calls.  The biggest difference between VoIP and traditional phone technology is that it is based on Internet protocols rather than telecom standards, bringing phone calls into the digital age. Human voices, are converted to digital format and transmitted through the Internet.

VoIP phone calls utilizes the same packet switching technology that powers the Internet. It is more efficient and therefore more cost-effective to end-users, phone companies and all the other entities involved in building out and maintaining phone service infrastructure.

During the early stages of VoIP technology, it was considered to be less reliable than  traditional analog phone calls. Users frequently experienced dropped calls, poor audio quality and even parts of the conversation going missing altogether.

Most of the earlier growing pains has been alleviated due to continued infrastructure upgrades and the establishment of standards. Users may still experience some of these issues but it is usually because of incorrect settings, insufficient bandwidth or other reasons and not inherent to the technology itself.

Benefits of VoIP:

There are many advantages when implementing a VoIP Solution, but the commonly known immediate benefits are:

  • Cheaper phone calls
  • Better quality of calls
  • Never miss a call
  • Keep existing telephone numbers
  • New Telephone Numbers

The long-term benefits includes:

  • Lower maintenance and Call-out Fees:  We try to ensure that all our solutions are remotely accessible
  • Substantial savings on monthly telephone bills
  • No yearly license fees or upgrade fees
  • Productivity of employees can be determined and improved
  • Multiple branches, agents, remote offices and individuals easily added with/without individual billing

What do I need to start using VoIP?

Before starting off, you will need:

  • A VoIP telephone number.  This can be a regional number (011, 012, 031, etc), non-regional( 087) or a special number (086)
  • Reliable Internet connection
  • IP Telephone, VoIP-compatible hardware and/or a Mobile App

Why Ugo Telecoms?

Our main focus is to make your clients feel comfortable doing business with YOU! Your customers and clients need reliability!  Our solutions ensures:

  • Professional Presence by our Never-miss-a-call philosophy
  • Easy upgrading and manageable solutions, with no upgrade fees or yearly licensing fees
  • Minimum Down-time, with our follow-me features, or mobile VoIP Solutions
  • Professional and friendly customer support

Switching to VoIP is here to stay. This may include integrated solutions with cheap phone calls and intelligent routing, or International Toll Free numbers and local numbers to create a national and global presence.

Whatever your need may be, we provide quality solutions with great support.

Contact us to find out how you can benefit from VoIP