What is a VoIP Trunk?

A VoIP trunk is a telephony service, allowing companies to connect their PBX (traditional, IP or hosted PBX) to the telephony network, making possible to make VoIP phone calls to fixed and mobile phone lines all around the world.  A VoIP trunk, is a virtual ‘container’ that holds multiple VoIP lines, and can be provisioned to have a single or multiple line functionality with  channels (lines) ranging from  4- 120 channels.

Benefits of a VoIP trunk:

Benefits of VoIP Trunk
Benefits of VoIP Trunks
  • Cost-effective – Affordable phone numbers for all your team members, departments or branches.
  • Scalable – Makes it easy to scale your operation pain-free. VoIP trunks use a virtual connection, simplifying the process of adding additional telephone lines and modifying your service.
  • Reliable – VoIP increases reliability of services by providing a level of redundancy. Services can be rerouted to different destinations should systems fail or in the case of emergencies.
  • Less maintenance – No longer have to maintain analog and IP infrastructure

We offer 2 types of VoIP Trunks:

  • Single Number Trunk:  1 Telephone number with multiple simultaneous calls (one per channel)
  • Multiple Number Trunk:   multiple telephone numbers (DDI’s)  for direct inward dialing to specific branches, departments and/or personnel.

Before hiring a SIP trunk you need to know how many persons will be speaking at the phone simultaneously in peak work hours. This way you will know how many channels (lines) your business needs. As one of the benefits is scalability, you will be able to add and delete channels depending on your requirement.

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