We offer the following VoIP Telephone numbers:

  • Regional numbers:  010, 012, 021, etc.
  • National or non-regional numbers:  087-numbers
  • Special numbers:  0860 000 numbers

What is a VoIP Telephone number?

To the end user, the VoIP phone number looks and works exactly the same as other numbers.  It is fundamentally similar to other phone numbers we are familiar with:  landline numbers are used over copper PSTN lines and cell phone numbers are used on cellular networks.   A VoIP number uses the internet to make and receive phone calls.

Why should I consider a VoIP Number?

A VoIP phone number is more suited to how we work and live in today’s modern world.  VoIP phone numbers has many advantages:

  • Cheaper call charges as virtual (VoIP) numbers route independently from locations
  • VoIP phone numbers can be attached to multiple devices and redirected to different end-destinations.
  • VoIP numbers offer mobility – they can go with the owner no matter where they move. The number can be used as long as there is an active subscription and/or internet connection.

VoIP phone numbers may not be different from regular numbers but they bring a whole host of new features and innovation to the traditional phone call.

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