What is a VoIP Line? 

A VoIP Line is a virtual telephone line, connecting inbound and outbound callers with each other.

VoIP phone numbers and lines are utilized on networks which rely on IP technology – the same networks that are used to deliver Internet access.  Voice is sent over the internet, usually resulting in better quality calls and crystal clear voice.

The difference between a VoIP number and a VoIP line

VoIP Line to Multiple VoIP devices, sotfphone, IP phone
VoIP Line to Multiple VoIP devices

When considering the best option, it is important to take into account what it is you would like to accomplish.  Do you only want to receive calls? Do you spend hours on the road? Is it important to make phone calls ?  Do you have reliable internet?  Are your company running marketing campaigns and only need  a temporary number to track calls?

A VoIP number can be directed to any end-user destination, local and international destinations.  Inbound calls are routed to destination such as cellphone number or other landline number.

A VoIP line is required when incoming calls are received on an IP phone, IP-capable apps such as softphones on laptops and cellphones and tablets and iPAds.

VoIP lines are ideally used for:

  • Single line use
  • Receiving on and making calls from an IP Phone or Softphone Applications for mobile phones, laptops and PC’s
  • Redirecting calls to another end-user destination, local and international destinations
  • On our Hosted PBX

When more simultaneous calls are required, a VoIP Trunk is recommended.

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