What is Number Porting of Number Portability?

Number porting is the process where a telephone number is moved from your current Service Provider to another.  By porting you landline number, there’s no need to change business cards, brochures, or anywhere else your phone number is published or listed.

Almost everyone has gone through the hassle of moving to a new home or office:  requesting new numbers, waiting for new lines to be installed….. VoIP numbers offer mobility – they can go with the you no matter where you move.

Advantages of Number Porting?

VoIP Number Porting has many advantages:

  • Your existing number will continue to function as usual, with added benefits of VoIP
  • No need to update marketing materials, the company website or other communication to reflect new numbers
  • Your company’s professional presence is maintained
  • As VoIP Numbers are completely virtual, your number moves with you.

How long does it take to Port a number?

Number Porting is a straightforward process and usually takes about 14 working days to finalize.   This might take longer with complex arrangements, multiple locations or hundreds of numbers.

During this process, your number will be operational, and under normal circumstances, there will be no disruption in service.

Yes, I want to port my number