Running marketing campaigns? Starting a new business? Call Forwarding is an affordable, reliable solution, ensuring that you never miss a call! With our Call Forwarding Service, all INCOMING calls, will forward to a destination of your choice: local and international!

How does it work?

Call Forwarding are set-up in 3 easy steps:

  1. Decide which type of number will meet your requirement.  We offer regional numbers (010, 021, etc), national numbers (087) and 08600-numbers.
  2. Choose the end-destination of the incoming call.  Calls may be forwarded to landline, mobile and international destinations.
  3. Select a Minutes Bundle product that will suit you the best.

Benefits of Call ForwardingCall Forwarding Options

  • Perfect for marketing campaigns
  • Never miss a call as ALL calls are forwarded to the required destination
  • Perfect for companies with consultants on the road
  • Ideal for start-up companies
  • Ideal for multi-branch companies with small satellite offices
  • Increasing your company’s professional presence

Call Forwarding Features

  • Call Tracking
  • Detailed Call records
  • Real-time online login to view activity on inbound calls
  • Recording of Calls

Call Forwarding Options

  • Direct forwarding to a specific Department or Consultant
  • Direct forwarding to a specified mobile or landline number, or even International destinations
  • Receiving the inbound call directly on a SIP device or IP phone
  • An Automated Attendant welcoming your caller to the Company, redirecting the call by offering Menu options to the caller, such as “Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support”, etc.

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